She shows you that the head of your Union Pacific traces, Age

She shows you that the head of your Union Pacific traces, Age

Much more apprehensive, Butch and you will Sundance remain the evasions, operating highest into a steep mountain range, where they help the leftover horse go and you can proceed on foot in order to find themselves towards an effective cliff ignoring a lake. Understanding that half of the latest trackers is actually in it, plus the others took upwards positions toward cliff around the new river, Butch identifies they can struggle otherwise stop trying. Sundance won’t capitulate, however when Butch abruptly ways it dive into river, the guy staunchly refuses, fundamentally admitting which he cannot swimming. Butch guarantees Sundance this new slip might eliminate him or her and, since their pursuers view helplessly, the fresh new duo plunges into river, and therefore sweeps him or her away to protection.

In other cases later, a fatigued Butch and you will Sundance visited Etta’s house, in which she relates that the press got claimed its capture

H. Harriman, outraged from the constant robberies off their teaches because of the Opening from the Wall surface group, possess developed an exclusive posse comprised of the nation’s ideal lawmen in order to guarantee the passing out-of Butch and Sundance. Butch angrily accuses Harriman out of bad team strategies, declaring when the fresh tycoon carry out just outlay cash the bucks he has paid down the posse, Butch manage stop robbing your. Sundance concerns they shall be while on the move permanently and later one night the guy and you can Butch invite Etta to escape using them to help you Bolivia. She agrees, stipulating when what the law states will be visited him or her there, she’ll maybe not stand to watch her or him pass away. The next day, the trio sets off for new York, in which they connect a good steamer so you can South america. Abreast of coming in from inside the a little, dirty town in the Bolivia, dream marriage Vladimir Sundance expresses disgust on the ancient landscaping.

When you find yourself wanting to rob a village lender, brand new duo is actually horrified that no-one talks English, prompting Etta to teach them holdup sales within the Foreign-language. Etta joins within the next numerous heists and you may, in the near future, Butch and you can Sundance make a reputation due to the fact Los Bandidos Yanquis , or even the Yankee Bandits. Their spree relates to an abrupt stop, not, when Butch areas LaForce into the a village. Etta claims that lawman is external their legislation, however, Sundance reminds the woman that posse’s mission should be to kill him or her. Butch announces if it going no more robberies, they can’t become tracked, and thus declares they go «upright.» The latest guys then need a career with Percy Garris, escorting a mining payroll, however, on the very first jobs, Garris is actually murdered of the local bandits. If bandits flames on the Butch and Sundance, it readily surrender the bucks, nevertheless when it becomes visible brand new thieves do not plan to let them go, the newest duo is forced to eliminate him or her. When they refuse, Etta erica.

Dejected, Butch and you can Sundance return to Etta who cravings them to grab upwards agriculture or ranching

Butch and you will Sundance resume robbing finance companies plus one go out get to the small city of San Vicente, in which he or she is recognized and you may stated into the regional cops. The authorities captain summons the brand new military, after that surrounds Butch and you may Sundance together with individual forces. On the resulting gunfight, the brand new outlaws focus on low toward ammunition, pressuring Butch to make a brave race over the courtyard so you’re able to get the firearm straps, while you are Sundance brings annoyed defense. Improperly injured, the people failure inside the a location building so that as it painfully rearm, Butch confides to the doubtful Sundance which he has discover other put rich which have possible, Australia. Clueless that a huge contingent out of troops have entered the police external, Butch and you will Sundance with confidence hurry from the building making the escape, in order to getting trapped in the an effective hail from ammunition.

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