Full text of Commercial and Financial Chronicle : August 8, 1896, Vol 63, No 1624 St. Louis Fed

The PressurePro Motorcycle Monitor is capable of reading pressures from 10 psi to 199 psi, provide two levels of low pressure alerts (the first at 12.5% and the second at 25% drop in pressure), and can display pressures in PSI, BAR or kPa. The ‘Moto’ Monitor features a built-in antenna and weatherproof casing for added versatility. Light sensors automatically adjust the Monitor’s brightness to allow for maximum readability and safety for all riding conditions. Mercedes Dealers have seen the benefit of the product and are starting to offer it to their customer database. The CET has been made following a request from a caravan dealer to test their caravans, it has been made for the trade and will suit mobile caravan service engineers. The CET is well constructed for any workshop and is powered by connecting a battery via the supplied battery terminals.

Eco Pump is small and simple, just drop the Eco Pump into a fuel tank and a usually messy or dangerous job can be done quickly and cleanly. 12 Volt TrailerCheck has been developed for the test and service of 12 volt trailers used in the agricultural sector and for van and car trailers. For those customers who have already purchased a TrailerCheck, contact us now for options on upgrading your kit. A recent survey by the Road Haulage Association saw six in 10 respondents (58.2%) say they have been victims of fuel theft in the last 12 months. The trade body said it undertook the survey of 151 members in response to a sharp increase in the number of fuel thefts reported.

For companies like Dri-pak who want a simple unsophisticated solution to the problem ISOCheck is the answer. The European Commission plans for compulsory tyre pressure monitoring systems on new vehicle types form 2012 and all new cars from 2014. The implementation of this legislation provides a «clear signal» that TPMS are important and necessary for consumers. Checking tyre pressure monitors on a regular basis can avoid serious accidents from tyre blow outs, improve vehicle efficency in terms of reduced fuel consumption. This product will save time in calling out the correct truck or trailer repairer to warning light activations and is ideal to check the ISO socket on inspection intervals.

TrailerCheck Live Demo By Whiteline Services

Following the introduction of the 13 pin tow bar test from January, aide automotive would ike to offer all garages the chance to purchase what we beleive is the best Tow Bar Tester on the market at a great LOW price. With the massive increase in https://xcritical.expert/ Catalytic Converter theft, aide automotive has made an addition to the CatGuard Alarm kit. As well as the CatGuard Alarm we can add a unique serial number to the Catalytic Converter by virtually indestructible sticker and metal marking fluid.

All second hand and ex demo products are supplied with a warranty, usually 3 months on second hand and 12 months on ex demo. Now the new “Crash For Cash” scam we offer On Board Incident Camera’s or Driver Recorders for On Road Video footage of road incidents. Luckily for the lorry driver, the whole incident was captured on a Witness camera – proving conclusively that the driver of the Fiesta was to blame. Conflict about load restraint on curtain-sided trailers and bodies appears to have been resolved by a change in policy at the DVSA. Therefore, if all three heaters are on and the vehicle voltage drops below 11.5V the unit will shut off.

  • Accreditation also provides us with the tools to become safer, greener and more efficient.
  • A truck driver who hit and killed a pedestrian when the brakes on his truck failed has been jailed for 12 months and disqualified for two years.
  • It is therefore advisable to regularly maintain and charge your car or van battery as an essential vehicle check, to prevent a flat battery.
  • You should also be looking at the ABS light in the cab, and not the one on the trailer headboard.

SmartWitness cameras have been used by hauliers and fleet managers to cut insurance premiums and guard against bogus insurance claims. There was further damage to the rear suspension and tracking, taking the car was off the road for four weeks. When they saw the vehicle CCTV they used it as evidence to prove the Skoda driver was at-fault. The RCV Reversing system only detects a target which is moving towards the sensor, so static parts of the vehicle like bin lifts or parts of bodywork are ignored, even though they may be in front of the sensor. This makes it ideal for Refuse Collection Vehicles or heavy plant with just a single sensor mounted centrally.

European Operator fits Lee Lock to it’s fleet!

Now they’re releasing a new product aimed at motorbike owners, PressurePro Motor Cycle Monitor. PressurePro’s 6 wheel ‘Moto’ Monitor allows users to monitor up to 6 wheel positions allowing easy monitoring of motorcycles. After a recent VOSA inspection RJ Edwards MD Trevor Edwards demonstrated BrakeCheck TT to VOSA where the BrakeCheck TT was accepted as a Brake Tester for testing Trailers and Trucks.

Freelancers with experience in the field and who have developed similar systems may bid. We prefer if you already have existing and operational system and for which we can provide ideas for enhancements to suit us. Aide automotive continually review product performance and with this have improved the product by zinc coating the upper steam, enabling a long lasting look to the device. The driver’s xcritical scam statement included that he told police the vehicle had had brake problems four to six weeks previously, but these had been fixed by a garage. I would like to take this opportunity to thank your staff for professional service and your company for such a well manufactured product. Provides a hard copy print out that is time and date stamped to prove brakes are checked to the required efficiency.

TestaTow will also test the towing bar of a vehicle on 13 pin or 7 pin socket towbar versions. If the ISOCheck Truck Test resulted in Green and to confirm the trailer has a fault, not follow the trailer test procedure. Apply the ISOCheck to the ISO7638 socket on the tractor unit, fit the end with the clear Perspex modification, for future reference this is called “the ISOIndicator”.

Hercules Anti Siphon Goes To Work

The 12 V TrailerCheck PORTABLE Tester is designed to make the testing and repair of trailer lights faster and much simpler. With more and more Duty Of Care and Safety requirements being put on business in today’s world an Incident Camera can have a positive effect on a safety record and possibly more importantly keeping vehicles on the road. Tank Guard is a relatively easy aftermarket installation with the option of adding a second sensor for dual tank trucks. Tank Guard is designed to work in conjunction with your existing security devices such as locking fuel cap or anti-syphon device. As well as Anti Siphon or Fuel Tanks Alarms, aide automotive offer on board CCTV systems which can record yard intruders for evidence. Fines have been issued to transport operators for employee injury and high costs in repairs for simple low speed reversing incidents.

Full or specialist trailer re-furbishment including chassis realignment, paintshop and curtain repair or replacement, is carried out at either of our accident repair centres at Wellingborough and Stowmarket. In addition to the depot facilities, many of our customers utilise the on-site trailer service facilities. TruckEast have 8 dedicated service vans, which visit customer premises throughout Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

To review the Reefer Anti Syphon Device click on Reefer Anti Syphonor on aide automotive to enquire further. With the bonus of being a portable device the 12 Volt TrailerCheck has a battery booster capabilities. At all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into other pallets or slashing the curtain side. BatteryCheck is designed to test a 24 volt system, battery over charging is impossible as the microprocessor controlled technology monitors all functions of the BatteryCheck.

  • Part of each engineer’s standard equipment is a laptop that can be connected to the target vehicle and used to diagnose faults or to apply updated firmware to on-board ECUs.
  • After the theory exams have been completed, it’s time for the cadets to finally get their hands on a real aircraft.
  • BrakeCheck is a portable tester that works from the principle of measuring deceleration, BrakeCheck has been proved to be a good indication of brake performance and cost effective for any workshop.
  • A recent theft of a trailer in Scotland with £300,000 of wine might have been prevented with a simple low cost Susie Lock.
  • Vehicle systems and dash information systems are designed to warn the driver of possible problems with any of the ECU monitored systems.
  • Priced at £15 + vat each aide automotive are happy to offer a special deal of both testers for £25.00 +vat.

If drivers purchase second hand tyres they should at the very least check the tread and the tyre pressure of them on a regular basis. By ensuring they have the correct tyre pressure this should prolong the life of the tyre and prevent serious accidents. Diesel Key is a popular product for many organisations as it’s a simple device that stops drivers putting petrol in Diesel cars.

PressurePro takes the guesswork out of tyre pressure monitoring

Easy truck & trailer brake faults repaired with this excellent cost effective tester. Aide automotive advertised the BrakeCheck portable brake tester, approved by VOSA for many vehicles; in the commercial sector VOSA accept BrakeCheck for testing all commercial type vehicles on every inspection. Aide automotive offer a variety of incident or On Board Cameras for commercial vehicles. BrakeCheck is a portable brake tester that works from the principle of measuring deceleration or Brake Efficiency, BrakeCheck has been proved to be a good indication of brake performance and cost effective for any workshop. Over 15,000 BrakeCheck’s have been purchased since it’s introduction in January 2003, and is now a standard tool for any vehicle workshop. With Tapley Brake Meters being a mechanical product, there is no option to print out a test.

  • This device is a hand held portable camera system for any vehicle which acts as a witness for crime, theft or third party RTA’s.
  • Stobart’s have worked in conjunction with Cumbria Constabulary and TyreSafe, in support of this October’s tyre safety month.
  • One way that companies can protect their vehicles against fuel theft is by a small xcritical in an anti fuel theft devices such as TP Anti-syph.
  • So with the RIGHT tester there is no chance of wasting time consulting VOSA on erratic test readings, no chance of incorrect failures and also has usages beyond the MOT test.
  • Following a reoccurring speight of thefts from a Midlands Truck Body Companys yard of truck wheels over weekends, The company placed a large order with aide automotive for the Anti Truck Wheel Theft Nut.
  • Midtronics Battery Testers will provide an increased level of service, increase battery revenue and efficient battery management for the workshop.

Using a decelerometer to test trailer brakes is a positive method for any operator to achieve further regular testing that can be recorded and used as evidence if required. In today’s world of «Duty Of Care» all management staff need to increase their awareness of reporting and detailing what best they can do to achieve a safe working xcritical scammers environment for employees and the general public. Aide automotive ltd are pleased to announce the latest decelerometer from the BrakeCheck product range called «BrakeCheck TT» BrakeCheck 4 Truck & Trailer. Aide automotive has been selling PressurePro for a number of months now and it’s proving to be a successful product.

Solo Diesel is a New Mis Fuelling Device from aide automotive

The European Commission follows advice from motoring experts to introduce a system that alerts the driver as soon as slight under-inflation is detected. Companies wishing to purchase this product include, DHL, Derek Linch Transport, TDG, Alex Aiken & Son, WH Malcolm and S.H Pratt & Co Limited. The device is manufactured from a high quality aluminium CNC machined process, enabling us to offer a 3 year guarantee.

The Midtronics range offer ease of use and accurate diagnose compared to other cheaper models. The possibility of people being unaware of vehicles moving as when electrically driven they are silent in operation. The equipment used in the Hybrid Safe To Service Tool Kit is designed for invention electrical work on both hybrid and electrical cars. Fitted out to TIP’s bespoke specification by Bott, TIP’s latest Masters benefit from the four-year/100,000-mile warranty and roadside assistance package that comes as standard with all Renault LCVs. As with the rest of the company’s existing Masters, TIP’s new LCVs will be fully maintained by Renault dealerships.

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